Rainwater floods Patiala roads, enters houses

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Incessant rain once again exposed the Municipal Corporation’s poor preparedness for the monsoon season.

Most areas of the city, including Leela Bhawan, road connecting level crossing 22 and 23, AC market, Tripuri main market, Phulkian enclave, Model town and Pratap Nagar road, were largely affected due to the downpour today.

Rainwater collected on roads damaged cars and also entered houses in some residential areas. Waterlogging led to traffic chaos on roads, including the one outside the newly inaugurated bus terminal. Residents complained of waterlogging on roads and raised questions over the poor drainage system. Children were seen playing in waterlogged streets, while vendors and commuters faced difficulties negotiating roads under knee-deep water.

“The city faces the same water-logging problem every monsoon season. The administration and the Municipal Corporation have completely failed to manage the city’s drainage system,” said a resident, adding that they only have excuses to make.

The corporation keeps claiming that it regularly cleans the sewer lines. A press statement issued by the Municipal Corporation yesterday, said its preparations for the rainy season were going on a war footing. It had also started a helpline: 18001802808 for the purpose among others. The MC claimed it had made special arrangements to remove rainwater from most vulnerable areas.