Education Department plans camps for Aadhaar registration

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To push schools for uploading the Aadhaar information of students, both government and private, on the e-Punjab school portal, the district education department has begun conducting meetings and is planning to host Aadhaar enrolment camps in schools. Around 2,131 schools in the district have completed the process of accounting the information of students with and without UID. But the district has more than 6,000 registered schools and the institutions, who have previously failed to register the UID details of their students and are now been asked to complete the process under the fresh directions by the Education Department.

Balraj Singh Dhillon, Deputy DEO, speaking on the issue, said that high pendency was reported from private schools, especially for pre-primary and primary classes.

“It’s an ongoing process still, as a majority of the students, who enrol in pre-primary and primary classes are between 3-5 years of age, do not have their Aadhaar cards, which creates the delay in updating their information on e-portal. Private schools do not take the mandate seriously until now and we are conducting meetings with them and holding camps to facilitate the process, encouraging parents to get Aadhaar made for their wards. “The Education Department had been asked to pace up the process of updating the UID information of the students at e-Punjab portal, making it mandatory for schools. The department had identified more than one lakh students, a majority of them from private schools, whose UID information was not available. Schools were asked to set a deadline for getting the information uploaded and ask parents of students, who did not have UID, to get them made in time.