Amritsar: NEET results bring joy

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To spread awareness about the dangers of tobacco and its negative impact on health, No Tobacco Day was celebrated by the NSS department of DAV College Amritsar. Principal Amardeep Gupta while interacting with students said that tobacco causes eight million deaths every year. Evidence released shows that smokers were more likely to develop severe disease compared to non-smokers. Cigarettes contain about 600 ingredients which after burning generate more than 7,000 chemicals and at least 69 of them are linked to cancer, added Gupta. Tobacco is the leading cause of respiratory disorders like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, tuberculosis, cancers, leukemia, cataracts, and pneumonia.

Police DAV student scores high in NEET

Police DAV School Principal Vipin Jishtu congratulated Bhargav Sharma for cracking the NEET 2023 with 99.253 percentile. On this proud moment, the school management and the principal wished him success and also advised to keep his focus intact for further studies.